Spacesaver Static Shelving

Spacesaver Static Shelving


Spacesaver metal shelving has been installed in thousands of offices and institutions all over the world. From libraries to museums to offices the product can meet the needs of almost any environment. While our metal shelving is made from heavy-duty steel construction and finished in durable power coat paint, it is easy to install, reconfigure and expand.

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4-Post and Case Type Shelving

You can create and alternate how and what you store with Spacesaver’s 4-post shelving. Our system offers more options than ordinary shelving because it’s universally slotted. These slotted shelves allow for the attachment of file dividers, bin dividers and divider rods. You can stack boxes, organize color-coded files with dividers and store other materials with compartmented bin dividers all on the same shelving unit.

Cantilever Library Shelving

Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving and Display Systems are ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, as well as general office spaces, and is designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications. 

Wide Span Shelving

Wide Span Shelving is designed for hand-loaded, bulk storage and is used for hundreds of potential storage applications.

Wire Shelving

Spacesaver hospital wire shelving can be used in any sterile environment from food service to healthcare.