Mekel Technology

Mekel Technology


Mekel Technology provides a full line of microfilm scanners for service bureaus, corporations, government, archivists and other large-volume clients. Paired with Quantum scanning and processing software, Mekel scanners deliver high speed scanning of microfilm and microfiche with editing capabilities that don’t require rescanning.

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Mekel Roll Film Scanners

Key Features:

  • Quantum full-roll strip scanning technology

  • Speeds of up to 1600 images per minute whether scanning grayscale, bi-tonal or dual grayscale/bi-tonal, or as fast as 2.5 seconds per 100 foot roll of microfilm

  • Direct path imaging camera, film and light source engineered in-line to enable up to 750 true optical dpi resolution

  • 12-bit camera with 12288 pixel array and new precision lens for unrivaled tonality, depth of field and resolution

Mekel Microfiche Scanners

Key Features:

  • Manual and/or automated microfiche loading and unloading

  • Intelligent single-pass pre-scan locates all images of various sizes in seconds without the need for presets/wizards

  • Unmatched throughput speeds of up to 200 images per minute whether scanning grayscale, bi-tonal or dual grayscale/bi-tonal

  • Full fiche or title bar scan (opaque and transparent) with no loss in overall throughput

  • Real-time image sharpening and enhancement performed in hardware

Quantum Software

QuantumScan and QuantumProcess technologies offer superior image capture, quality, processing and savings benefits.

Key features include:

  • Scan at full-rated speeds without operator intervention

  • Share quality assurance tasks with multiple operators

  • Drive multiple MACH-series scanners (film and/or fiche) with a single operator

  • Reduced microform scanning costs

  • Eliminate the need to rescan

  • Guaranteed 100% image capture

  • Optimum image quality

  • Currently operates on Windows 7 and 10