Improve efficiency with Upland FileBound’s end-to-end content and process automation, including document and workflow automation that connects users with the information they need to complete task more efficiently and effectively. FileBound Enterprise Content Management software is available in a Secure Cloud environment or in your On-Premise network environment. 

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What is Filebound?

FileBound’s simplified, flexible approach to usability, configurability and licensing delivers fast results with instant productivity gains. 

Benefits are:

  • Easy-to-Use configuration tools that make it simple to adjust a user’s configuration without customization and IT involvement

  • Mobile Access for remote users from virtually any device, at no additional cost

  • Analytic Tools that provide insight into workflow processes providing feedback to users that can make better, more-informed decisions

  • Integration capabilities to your line-of-business software making it easier to access information and validate data

  • Create and submit Integrated E-Forms to eliminate paper forms, streamlining data entry processes and increasing productivity

Case Study: Regional Long-Term Health Care Trade Association