ECM Toolbox Workflow and eForms

ECM Toolbox Workflow and eForms


ECM Toolbox's Workflow is an out-of-the-box, turnkey workflow automation software that leverages ApplicationXtender ECM software. Coupled with ECM Toolbox eForms, documents can be created, processed, approved and archived electronically from start to finish.

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ECM Tool Box Workflow is a completely web-based solution that automates verifications and approvals, transforming paper-based processes to digital processes. Quickly create, manage and complete workflow tasks, increasing productivity while monitoring all actions and activity. 

Key features include:

  • Security of roles and permissions to keep information confidential

  • Custom Process Design to establish business and routing rules

  • Auditing to track every workflow step and action performed, validating the process


Dynamic eForms replace hard copy forms, with the information entered uploaded to your ERP or software database, eliminating manual data entry. Once submitted, the eForm can launch a workflow routing process to manage the required steps of the document. 

Key features include:

  • Database Integration look-ups that auto-fill parts of the form, simplifying and speeding up the task of filling it out

  • Dynamic Form Fields that change based on the information entered, making sure you get the correct information

  • Data Export to multiple systems including your CRM and/or ECM software systems, saving the data and the electronic record