Captiva from OpenText, is Advanced Recognition capture software that automatically recognizes paper documents and/or images, captures the data, and delivers the information to the right systems, processes, and people. Captiva scales to manage large volumes of documents efficiently and identifies documents using intelligent recognition technologies for classification, optical character recognition (OCR) for extracting printed data, intelligent character recognition (ICR) for reading hand-printed text and barcode recognition.

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What does Captiva do?

Captiva replaces manual, error-prone, and expensive document-sorting and data-entry processes with automatic document recognition and data capture, minimizing risk, reducing costs, and increasing productivity. With the ability to manage high volumes of documents, Captiva can be implemented throughout your organization as an enterprise capture solution. 

Captiva delivers:

  • Intelligent Document Recognition that can classify thousands of different documents, replacing expensive manual document-sorting steps.

  • Intelligent Data Capture with free form recognition of documents reducing manual data entry and accelerate processes.

  • Handwritten Document Processing recognizing and extracting hand printed information from documents reducing data entry costs

  • Data Capture from Tables automating the extraction of data including line item detail in invoices.

  • Check Reading for automating the capture of data from personal and business checks, reducing manual data entry and accelerating critical business processes.

  • Multiple Language recognition of information in over 130 different languages to automate your processes worldwide

Case Study: Eaton Vance Investment Managers

Case Study: Ameritas Life Insurance