ancora Intelligent Capture Software

ancora Intelligent Capture Software


ancora Software, Inc. is an innovative provider of Business Process Automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture. ancoraDocs was developed to bring simplicity to a technology that historically has been complex, over-priced, and difficult to configure, install, use and maintain.

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What is ancora?

ancora’s Business Process Automation solutions with patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help companies eliminate costly manual steps in their business processes such as; document classification, document analysis, manual data entry, manual filing, etc.  Organizations using ancoraDocs achieve faster and less expensive business process automation and better controls over valuable critical information.

Key applications include:

  • Accounts Payable-Invoice Processing with machine learning that requires no templates, dramatically reducing implementation services and data entry costs up to 90%

  • Accounts Receivable invoice payment reconciliation using automated recognition and extraction of remittance data to verify invoice payments

  • Loan Form Processing with patented auto-classification to streamline document recognition

  • Human Resource document classification and data recognition to automate filing records electronically

  • Medical Records and Claim Processing to improve data extraction accuracy and increase processing productivity

ancora’s open architecture allows for easy integration with ERP’s, ECM Solutions and other 3rd party applications via multiple built-in export options; CSV, XML and ODBC/JDBC. Ancora is available as an on-premise system or a secure cloud solution and supports 27 languages.


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