The Freestyle Bread Board Bench

Bread Board 2

Bread Board 2

The Freestyle® Bread Board Bench was an engineered-to-order (ETO) product created as a solution for lack of space in the personal locker rooms at the East Mesa Detention Center in San Diego, California.Sunday Pearl, formerly of Spacesaver Intermountain, first came up with the idea for this solution. Spacesaver Corporation used her idea to develop the concept of this innovative locker component. Spacesaver Intermountain assisted Spacesaver in improving their initial prototypes, resulting in the final Freestyle® Bread Board Bench and the final product was installed at East Mesa this spring.

The Challenge:

• Very limited space

• San Diego County had added personnel, thus needed to increase the number of locker openings they had available

• The county wanted to increase the width of the lockers from 12” to 18” to fit storage requirements

• Needed to fit more lockers that required a wider footprint in the same size locker room


• FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers with a bench that could retract into the locker frame

• Spacesaver tested the bench for weight load, and sent a prototype to Spacesaver Intermountain for feedback to improve the retractable bench prior to installation


• The Freestyle® Bread Board Bench allowed the Detention Center to retract the bench when not in use and extend when needed

• The retractable Bread Board Bench reduced the depth of each locker by 12”, allowing the department to fit more rows of lockers into the locker room, meeting the requirement for number of lockers needed

• An increased number of locker rows, allowed the detention center to increase the width of their lockers to fit storage requirements

• The strong Bread Board Bench has more than a 600 lbs load capacity