Employee Spotlight: Andrew Bethke


     I grew up in the northern Twin Cities and graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in Business Administration. I’m a big sports fan, and love going to any professional sporting events. I spend my free time hanging out with friends and golfing, and I enjoy being up at the cabin as much as possible when the weather is nice. My career in sales started at American Chemical selling industrial adhesives. After 2 years of successfully climbing the ladder I felt like I needed a bigger challenge. This desire led me to my current position with Mid-America Business Systems.Mid-America has professionally trained me on the benefits and process improvements that our cutting-edge products bring to your storage space crunches and handling requirements.

Through that training, the company and team members at Mid-America have enabled me to demonstrate to prospective: clients, end users, architects and construction companies the ability to design, specify, deliver, install and train within their existing buildings and spaces, enabling large amounts of storage capacity gains all while impacting the bottom line.I have also been trained in the detailed process necessary to work with a wide variety of customers to develop storage solutions by: analyzing and surveying the items to be stored, how they are handled, and the number of staff that will be accessing these valuable items. Through this process I can then budget the proper storage system and itemize the benefits that it will bring to the company’s bottom line.I strive to be an expert in innovative storage technologies, and be a resource to my customers in staying up to date on industry best practices.