ActivRAC 16P



  • Generate more revenue per square foot, by having your inventory occupy a small footprint within your facility.

  • 100% increase in storage capacity, in the same footprint! Or double your storage capacity using the same footprint of static storage.

  • Add additional product lines without adding a new building.

  • 16,000 lbs per rack section or 32,000 lbs on a back to back system.

  • Multiple synchronized motors, for smooth reliable use and access.

  • Photo sweeps stop a closing carriage for ultimate user SAFETY!

  • Photo sweeps allow entry into an aisle when opening, for quick access.

  • Remote controls for easy access, by foot traffic or fork lift use.

  • Rechargeable power pack for opening when power is out, eliminating all downtime!

  • Installs easily on existing floor.