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Growing Hydroponic Herbs

Hydro 1

Growing hydroponic herbs Spacesaver helps an urban farm gain 30% more space  A Manhattan entrepreneur has devised a creative way to supply urban chefs with premium ingredients: he has transformed a restaurant basement into a thriving hydroponic herb-growing business. You can work with a Minneapolis Spacesaver distributor to design an ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System layout that would maximize the available […]

Steel Tread Flooring

Steel Tread Flooring Mobile

Steel Tread Flooring Non-skid, non-porous surface in a hospital’s sterile supply area Spacesaver can manufacture Engineered-To-Order stainless steel tread flooring for use in sterile supply areas, retail settings, and any other location that requires the functionality or appearance of stainless steel tread. The solution pictured below increased a hospital’s soft supply storage capacity by 26 […]

Modula Options

Modula Lift Internal Lights 8375

• MODULA is the only VLM manufacturer and supplier to produce and support units here in the U.S.A. • MODULA® specializes in VLM’s, vertical carousels and horizontal carousels, with two independent manufacturing facilities in Lewiston, ME and Salvaterra, Italy –employing over 150. • There are over 7,000 units sold and in operation worldwide. • MODULA® […]

Stainless Steel Drip Trays for Lockers

SS Drip Trays for Lockers

Stainless Steel Drip Trays for Lockers Drip trays prevent rusted locker bases and slippery floors Instructors and trainees at the Coast Guard Special Missions Training Center, based out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, needed a way to store wetsuits and other gear during and after training programs. The instructors knew from prior experience that […]

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