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Modula Material Handling Systems

Vertical Lift Modules:

Optimize your internal logistics

Modula Vertical Lift Modules are enclosed systems with vertically arranged trays stored on both sides of the unit with an extractor device placed in the center. The VLM automatically delivers trays with the stored items to the access window with a push of a button or a scan of a barcode. Using VLM technology retrieval, picking and packing into shipping containers can be combined into one work operation.

modula handling

Modula Lift

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Modula Sintes1 Vertical Lift Module

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Modula OneTon Vertical Lift Module

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Modula One Pick Vertical Lift

The Vertical Lift Module’s technology + A new sophisticated automated system for the picking & replenishment of a single product at a time.

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Vertical Carousels

Maximum capacity with the smallest footprint

Modula Vertical Carousels consist of a series of shelves that rotate on your command delivering selected items to you at an ergonomically safe and convenient height.

vertical carousel

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Horizontal Carousels

Fast and accurate picking

The Modula horizontal carousels consist of an oval track supporting rotating bins with shelves that deliver stored goods to the operator.

horizontal carousel

Modula Diamond Phoenix

Diamond Phoenix

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Pick-to-Light Products

Whether you are picking or putting, accuracy and speed are the two factors every operation must balance. Pick-to-Light technology assists operators with four basic functions:

  • Picking a specific or active item
  • Putting an item in an active order or location.
  • Communicating a message such as a quantity, description, etc.
  • Completing the task and moving to the next task.


This module is required to batch pick orders. Batching methods include static (fixed) batches, dynamic batches and continuous batches. Orders can be batched manually or automatically based on order information such as priority, due date and order name.

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